The benefits of experience

The benefits
of experience

We’re committed to ensuring that our customers get only the highest quality products with all the ingredients they need, leaving out unproven (and even potentially harmful) ingredients found in other supplements. We have a deep respect and admiration for motherhood, which is why we donate a portion of the profits from Tendera-OB and Multia to the nonprofit Every Mother Counts.*

Our founders

It’s appropriate that Lou’s and Ed’s last names contain the Italian words “good” and “child.” As the founders of BonGeo, they are both dedicated to harvesting nature’s goodness to ensure the health and wellness of expecting mothers and households. Of course, their contributions are far more than just symbolism—their wealth of experience in pharmaceutical nutrition and natal wellness is the thing that makes BonGeo unique.

Louis Bongiovanni

Lou is a seasoned executive in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries, with several decades of experience in overseeing the development of top-selling prenatal, pediatric, and adult vitamins in the USA. Throughout his career, Lou has established himself as an expert in quality natal care and nutrition, collaborating extensively with OB-GYNs, registered dieticians, and other physician specialists. His knowledge in the field of nutrition and healthcare has enabled him to make significant contributions toward improving the health of individuals, particularly expecting mothers and children. With his vast experience in the industry, Lou is well-positioned to provide invaluable insights into the development of innovative products and services that cater to the needs of patients and consumers.

Ed Bambino

Ed is a Co-Founder of BonGeo Pharmaceuticals, bringing over 30 years of experience from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The focus of his career has revolved around improving pharmaceutical access for patients. He has worked for Pfizer and other international pharmaceutical companies. Ed has worked in partnership with the Federal Government, numerous State Governments, and large national and regional health insurers. His efforts have resulted in greater access to affordable therapies for millions of Americans in the areas of cardiovascular disease, Women’s Health, and pediatrics, among others. His work has been recognized by the Health Industry Research Center and other organizations. Ed has also been an industry speaker on pharmaceutical strategy, drug pricing, and patient access at national and international conferences.

Our founders’ backgrounds have laid the foundation for BonGeo’s mission to provide affordable and highly effective pre- and postnatal supplements to our customers.

*BonGeo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. donates to, but is not affiliated with, Every Mother Counts.

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Taking care of yourself during your motherhood journey is crucial for the health of both the mother and the development of a baby. That’s why I highly recommend Tendera-OB to my patients! It’s a small, easy-to-take pill that you only have to take once a day to get the nutrients you need. And best of all: it’s formulated to be gentle on your system. There are a thousand prenatal vitamins on the market, and many contain nutrients that are simply not needed. I tell my clients I recommend the best: Tendera-OB!

Danielle Schupp
Registered Dietitian, Author, Founder of Smart & Skinny and DSRDconsulting